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Elii 106 0ki

Imagen Subliminal, elii

Rejuvenating spaces, keeping memories.

It is quite a tough challenge to re-think the house you grew up in as your grown-up mansion. This is the topic of 106.Oki, the new project by Elii, involving the complete rehabbing of a flat in the southwest of Madrid.

Wishing to transform his family home into his new home and professional office, the owner of the apartment turned to Elii: even if the space is loaded with memories, states the architecture firm, there is no reason to keep the place as it was once.

In fact, the house was built in the seventies of the last century and reflects a generic typological scheme based on standardized domestic criteria: an open central space semicircular in shape, around which the rest of the rooms orbit. A convenient circumstance, which, however, should not stop us from trying new solutions and ideas. As Elii says we should "design one's own domestic space based on desire. Open a bubble of intimacy in standardized formats to try out other ways of life."

Looking more like a psychoanalytic therapy rather than a basic interior architecture project, the redesigning of the house starts with a review of memories, experiences and life lessons, as a way to imagine a different future - the design of the former space follows from here, transforming the house into a catalyst - conveniently located in the heart of a residential building in the neighborhood of Las Aguilas in the district of La Latina.

The video by Imagen Subliminal conserves quite a meditative and dreamy atmosphere, in which we see the now-grown-up owner of the house indulging in self-treats and meditations. Lost in his thoughts he wanders from room to room, giving us a one-of-a-kind tour. We cannot imagine how the house was once, as the video gives us no hint of its former configuration - now we only see the vertical wooden elements decorating the central curve, a solution that plays on optics and colors, whenever the inhabitants move, creating a dynamic effect of vibration and depth in this special place.

The way the short film is filmed - the man ceaselessly walking around the house, opening doors, sitting, revealing new rooms - let us not only appreciate the overall design of the house, but also allows us to understand how fluid and dynamic the movements can be here, inviting us to use the space at our best convenience.
If you want to see a similar project, playing with rehabbing and memories, please visit "Rosa" by Joana Colomar and Lluís Alexandre Casanovas Blanco. Located not far from Barcelona, the architect transformed a typical house built during the Spanish real estate boom of the 1990s, confronting with the transformations of aesthetic and needs of the new owners.


Mentioned project: 106.OKI (2019)
Project location: La Latina, Madrid, Spain
Music: Dee Yan - Key

Spain 2019
Duration: 2'03"