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077 · Biombombastic

Imagen Subliminal

Many houses folded into just one.

Imagen Subliminal interprets in a playful way Elii's transformation of an old apartment in the center of Madrid into a flexible, multipurpose open space.

K. Spark's soundtrack shapes the rhythm of the narration while the short film simulates a typical day within this apartment as if it was a "domestic theater" - which is the way the authors call it - and its numerous scenarios and possibilities in the everyday life of a future householder. Miguel De Guzmán and Rocío Romero (Imagen Subliminal) explore the architects' vision of a small place whose smart and quite invisible architectural devices can rapidly transform into a multiplicity of spaces based on its guest’s needs.

Following and ideal L-shaped division, all the main utilities (such as the access door, the outer façade windows, a folding bed, the washing machine, the storage space, even a complete kitchen and a fold-down auxiliary table) are grouped together, in order to make as much space as possible for all the remaining activities and movements. A fitted screen on one of the sides contributes to create different spacial partitions as well as new household stories to be told.


Mentioned project: 077 · Biombombastic (2015)
Project location: Madrid, Spain
Music: K. Sparks
Photography: Miguel De Guzmán and Rocío Romero

Spain 2015
Duration: 1'19''