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Walmer Yard - Architecture for the Senses

Jim Stephenson

Ode to the Western light.

Designed by Peter Salter, with associate designer Fenella Collingridge and executive architects Mole, Walmer Yard is a series of four homes in Notting Hill, London. Jim Stephenson, along with Laura Mark, has directed a short film titled "Walmer Yard - The architecture of senses" that depicts the housing project, casting a light on the experience they offer.

"Casting a light" is not a random expression here, not at all: the film is an exploration of the incredible light that passes through the buildings at various times of the day. Instead of giving the viewer an immaculate, aseptic image of the interiors - clean, neat rooms, no one has ever walked in - the directors leave all the dust and the particulates swirling in the air, dancing in the shade.

Recalling "College House" by Tapio Snellman for Jonathan Tuckey, for the use of the collage technique on film - funnily another project located in London - Jim Stephenson confirms his talent in conveying the best of the interior architecture projects, a careful eye and an attentive gaze that he already showed in "Sunlight" . This time Laura Mark teams with him as director of photography to portray the first residential scheme in Britain by Peter Salter, internationally acclaimed teacher and architectural designer.

The houses reflect Salter's unique approach to the design of spaces for living. The structure, volumes and materials are employed to create a series of rooms and circulation spaces that are precisely tuned to domestic use, private peace and sensory experience: walking from room to room, we lose the sense of the space, to gain an overall sense of calmness and stillness. As architecture critic Rowan Moore stated, "The project takes as far as it can the ideas that architecture might be sensual and bodily".

(Story by Sara Marzullo, The Architecture Player)


Director and director of Photography: Laura Mark
Architect: Mole Architects, Peter Salter and Fenella Collingridge
Mentioned project: Walmer Yard (2016)
Project location: London, United Kingdom
Music: Hammock - Eero

United Kingdom 2019
Duration: 2'31"