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The Origin of Stripes


Into the world of Marc Fornes' research on topological stripes.

Under Magnitude is a permanent installation designed by MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY and involvesthe firm's invention of topological stripes, a material system that allows the structure to be super-thin and self-supporting. The short film details features of the installation introducing references, design concept and the creation process. The work is presented as a case study for an overall introduction to the research guiding the firm's production.

The project challenges the heritage of Frei Otto and takes inspiration from it while taking a step forward. It involves the idea of tangential continuity. The structure is composed of sub-elements yet made of a single continuous surface so linear elements describe a non-linear type of geometry in the final composition. In order to create such a structure, research and experimentation are necessary and the video shows some aspects of those processes: from tests on individual elements up to their assembly, from 3D visualizations with images taken from the parametric design programs up to the assemblage and final setup. As the images flow, Fornes' voice describes construction principles, references and results.

The extensive hanging and tentacular structure questions the perception of observers. People can form their own interpretation of this structure, which appears to developed irregularly but with a strong modular composition too. The work stands somewhere between controlled and spontaneous forms, reminiscent of organic elements: each visitor has their own impression of what it most closely resembles.

(Story by Paola Ricco, The Architecture Player)


Mentioned project: Under Magnitude (2016)
Project location: Orlando, Florida, USA
Editor and Photography: Claire Dub
Color: Pedro Vivas Hernandez
Type: Jack Harvatt
Voiceover: Marc Fornes
Music: Mystery Mammal

USA 2017
Duration: 2'31''