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The Edge (trailer)


Snapshots of future in a new office building in Amsterdam.

In this cutting edge trailer, PlusOne anticipates the contents and visual styles of the short film "The Edge" and creatively advertises the design of an office building for Deloitte in Amsterdam by PLP Architecture.

"The Edge (trailer)" discloses the future scenarios of the designed spaces and focuses on the interplay between the building and its everyday users while introducing the important relationship with the economical and social context.

Through a wise and rapid combination of live-footage frames, rendered animations, CGI effects, user interface design and 2D and 3D animation, the advanced technologies and the everyday sustainable practices of the Edge are presented as a result of an effective and positive interaction between the new construction and the natural environment.


Architect: PLP Architecture
Mentioned project: The Edge
Project location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Netherlands 2013
Duration: 2'13''