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The Amphitheater House

Aristide Antonas

Finding the suitable configuration for the stage of domestic life.

When a living space is mainly empty and furnished only with few but useful objects, then it could be quickly rearranged, at the eleventh hour, to achieve the most suitable configuration. This is true for the Amphitheater house, designed by Aristide Antonas.

The house is built on the ruins of an ancient foundation wall. Its most important part is the nine meter tall central space that can host various collective or individual activities, which could be accommodated on the steps of various dimensions. The most private rooms are on the sides of this main core.

The video introducing the project is a short animation, simple and yet very effective. With a mix of photos and drawings, it shows the various configurations the house could take on. The black and white images stress the quality of the inner light deeply characterized by the total blank wall and by the light-blade penetrating the inner rooms from the windows.

The Amphitheater house is just one among the many living spaces designed by Antonas who dedicates to domesticity an important part of his research.


Architect: Aristide Antonas
Mentioned project: The Amphitheater House (2007)
Project location: Hydra, Greece

Greece 2009
Duration: 3'10''

Selected for VISIONS, the 2009 edition of BEYOND MEDIA Festival organized by Image.