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TB House (work in progress)

Imagen Subliminal

Architecture is a dirty work, you can't stay clean.

This short film is the second of three produced by Imagen Subliminal to unveil the Tobogan House designed by z4z4. The film project has been extended to the entire construction process, from the early design phases until the completion of the building which is here shown while the work is in progress.

Some men, and among them the architect too, move towards the house in a very peculiar way. We could comment that architecture is a dirty work for people involved in its process. This unconventional way chosen by the filmmakers for telling the story about the building-site has echoes from filmic and TV series imagery. If the Madrid skyline wasn't revealed, we could in fact assume we were in some desert in Arizona. Not by chance, the owner of the house himself is very passionate about the Wild West.

As the men approach the building, its work in progress is revealed, and all the protagonists appear again framed in the house windows. The moment here depicted is related to a very particular phase of the construction, one which will not be visible any more once the building is complete. Some mirrors are covering the full surface, reflecting the surroundings, but this is only a temporary status. As the works are completed in fact the appearance of such mirrors will be mitigated by one additional layer that will define the final building surface. The desert-like landscape reflected in the mirror will then be just a faraway memory.


Mentioned project: Tobogan House (2007-2015)
Project location: Madrid, Spain

Design team: Víctor M. Cano, Borja Iglesias and Ophelia Mantz with Rafael Beneytez
Appearing: Rafael Beneytez, Víctor M. Cano, Mario Navarro, Santiago Ibañez, Andriy Bevz, Santiago Villaseñor, Francisco Mesa, David Díaz, Angel Fernandez, Vincente García
Music: Jason Shaw "Plantation"

Spain 2015
Duration: 2'55''