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TB House Teaser

Imagen Subliminal

Once upon a time, there was a house...

A story is starting. This clever short film is the first one in a trilogy produced by Imagen Subliminal to introduce the Tobogan House designed by z4z4 studio.

When a building is existing only on paper and is waiting to be built, some anticipations could be anyway put on stage. Well, this short film is a kind of "mise-en-scène" indeed! In semi-darkness, light is the best tool to preconfigure a macro-sketch of the soon-to-be house. In such a virtual space, more details are unveiled: as the real footage with people is superimposed with icons and sketches, the functions of the house are gradually revealed and the design concept becomes clear. Will the house be as we expect it to be?


Mentioned project: Tobogan House (2007-2015)
Project location: Madrid, Spain

Design team: Víctor M. Cano, Borja Iglesias and Ophelia Mantz with Rafael Beneytez
Contractor: Ars Tectónica
Film direction: Miguel de Guzmán, Rocío Romero
Appearing: Víctor M. Cano, Paula Esteban, Alejandro Villagrasa
Music: Fran Prados "BatLoader", deef "Unerklärliche oder
unidentifizierbare Spiele im Kornfeld"

Spain 2014
Duration: 1'30''