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TB House

Imagen Subliminal

A girl, a man, and a home.

There are two main ingredients for an effective short film on architecture: a good building and a good story. Both are present in this work by Imagen Subliminal to present the Tobogan House designed by z4z4. The result is a pleasant tour into the space as we witness a gentle love affair.

Two are the characters of this short: the girl, with white hair and a peculiar dress, evokes a futuristic-style movie, which is also recalled in the virtual reality and special effects superimposed to live footage, to convey the idea of an unconventional life style; the man is claiming for her attention. The house standing in the background is the third protagonist in the story. As the filmmaker says, a good story can't overcome the architecture.

And the house in fact is shown since the very first scenes, while a car is approaching the building and the general view is revealed. The vehicle path passes across brown land which, as time goes by, will be covered by greenery, and runs on the bottom of the basement and underneath the three circular shaped volumes defining the upper level. Since those very first scenes what is revealed is a huge house, developed in different stages and made by parts: each one having its own autonomy while, at the same time, being connected to the others. The girl and the man then appear on the scene and a kind chase starts. She is continuously moving through the house, and through her movements the continuity of the spaces is revealed. The man follows her and catches her glaze in the end.


Mentioned project: Tobogan House (2007-2015)
Project location: Madrid, Spain
Project leader: Rafael Beneytez
Construction Architects: Rafael Beneytez, Víctor M. Cano
Final Project Team: Rafael Beneytez, Víctor M. Cano, Borja Iglesias and Ophelia Mantz
Bioclimatic Project: Ophelia Mantz, Elena Oña
Structure: Juan Carlos Arroyo, Ignacio García (Calter) with Rafael Beneytez and Víctor Cano (z4z4)
Modular system: Guillermo Martínez, Luis Martín (Eurobox) with Rafael Beneytez and Víctor Cano (z4z4)
Landscape design: Martín Toimil (Land30)
Light design: Ilumisa with Rafael Beneytez and Víctor Cano
Facilities: Carolo Garrote (Proyecta!)
Photography: Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán / Rocío Romero)
Contractor: Mario Navarro, Santiago Ibañez (Ars Tectónica)
Production: z4z4, Ars Tectónica
Appearing: Rocío Romero, Jose Manuel de Andrés
Music: Jonas "Valent"

Spain 2016
Duration: 4'40''