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Come have a drink in this mutant gallery, explore a new urban stage in Moscow and watch its theatrical machine in action.

The flexibility and multiple transformations of the architectural space designed by Metrogramma in Moscow for the Iris Group are under the spotlight in this short video by Ricardo Oliveira Alves. The mutant exhibition gallery SuperSurfaceSpace is explored as a theatrical machine as well as a new environment where the city is acknowledged as a shared place.

Dedicated to promote contemporary architecture and design through exhibitions, workshops and events, the new gallery is conceived as a reference point and a catalyst for the urban cultural debate and the artistic research. In his video Alves presents this simple and yet complex project by Metrogramma as an urban stage, designed to easily adapt to multiple purposes and occasions. The long cantilevered table at the center of the rectangular black room is the protagonist of the short film, with its sinuous ceramic surface and its different parts that reassemble in an infinite series of combinations and positions, moving and shaping the architectural space in always new layouts and scenarios.

The video also outlines some of the constant elements of the studio’s spatial research, such as the focus on the antinomies empty/solid, light/heavy, suspended/laid-down and the clear tribute to the works of Yona Friedman and Gio Ponti. Furthermore, this short movie presents not only a new architecture, but also and above all a new model of business marketing that is based on the new identity envisioned by Metrogramma. The SuperSurfaceSpace gallery in Moscow is the first of a series of exhibition spaces by IG group in various cities around the world.


Author: Ricardo Oliveira Alves
Architect: Metrogramma
Mentioned project: SuperSurfaceSpace (2015)
Project location: Moscow, Russia
Music: The Cinematic Orchestra

Portugal 2015
Duration: 2'27''