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States of Convergence


A radical vision of Sydney's suburbia helps introducing a possible technological convergence.

"States of Convergence" questions both architects and citizens about the future of technological convergence and its impact on the form of the city throughout a rational, non-utopian but still polemical viewpoint.

A speaking voice combined with animations and digital models within this four scene film, explains the conditions and technological issues that will probably impact architecture and the environment in the near future, such as energy harvesting methods, convergence culture, collective intelligence, information systems, tourism, economics, energy politics.

The film was produced and directed in 2008 by the Vector Guerrillas' team for the "Sydney Future Visions 2050: Suburbia" panel at the RAIA on the occasion of the Australian National Architecture Conference, Critical Visions section. The Australian collective of students, academics and affiliated practices - working from the School of Architecture, University of Technology, Sydney - was one of the selected groups of young and emerging architectural teams that were invited to prepare future visions for the centre and the expanding suburban region of Sydney in 2050. The project became a virtual "urban laboratory". The panel was exhibited at the Customs House in Sidney on March 2008 within the foyer and exhibition areas during the conference to encourage the public discussion.

In order to handle and integrate issues fundamental for a discussion with the public about the collective future environment - such as time, context, light, experience and emotion -, the Australian group of architects, designers, animation and architecture students in "States of Convergences" use the vast potential of computational processes to explore new design research and method. Over statistics and diagrams, over traditional architectural drawings, "a peculiar and unfortunately opaque and enduring form of abstraction" is chosen to work across the boundaries of their disciplines and to generate a film that can communicate visually their provocations to a wider public.


Direction and production: Vector Guerrillas group (Anthony Burke with Joanne Jakovich, Jason Benedek, Robert Beson, David Burns, Philip Clemens, Ashley Dennis, Nuno Gomes, Pascal Groneker, Andreas Heikaus, Benjamin Hewett, Michael Hill, Joanne Kinniburgh, Adrian Lahoud, Sylvie Milosevic, Wei Ning, Bernd Peterwerth, Esan Ullah, Rahmani Charles Rice, Manuel Ritter, Marian Sander, Jie Song, Samantha Spurr, Paula Vigeant, Jing Wang, Fei Zhou, Arts Hanover, Asabiyah, Biofidus, //jakovich.net, Many Are Here, Offshorestudio, University of Technology Sydney, University of Applied Sciences and Arts - Hochschule Hanover, Village Green)

Australia 2008
Duration: 6'28''

Selected for VISIONS, the 2009 edition of BEYOND MEDIA Festival organized by Image.