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Stadium (phantas-mix)

Edgar Pêra

A film director, a famous building designed by Souto De Moura, and a cine-architectural speculation.

"Stadium" explores the close relationship between the project of the Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto De Moura for the new Municipal Stadium (located near the granite quarries of Braga) and the history of the evocative context where it's settled. Through the unique vision of the experimental film director Edgar Pêra, this "cine-architectural speculation" evokes the origins of the Portuguese city and its old days under the Roman Empire.

The place, the surrounding nature and the architecture itself are depicted in a surreal setting, made stranger by the appearance of bizarre beings that come from the mysterious past of "Bracara Augusta" and roam around the stadium. The spectators' attention is captured by the keen contrast between the immobility and the peacefulness of the context's atmosphere, in comparison to the estrangement caused by a time travel. The "phantas-mix" launches the audience into a dimension that exists outside of a precise space and time continuum. The perception of the scenery by means of generating uncommon narrative perspectives is also modified. Even though at certain points the film seems to diverge from the discourse of the Stadium, eventually the ironic attitude turns out to be a way to understand the project in a most profound and enlightening manner.


Architect: Eduardo Souto de Moura
Mentioned project: Braga Municipal Stadium (2003)
Project: Braga, Portugal

Portugal 2005
Duration: 7'13''

Selected for SCRIPT, the 2005 edition of the BEYOND MEDIA Festival organized by Image.