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Stadium Nostrum


Look up, a new stadium is coming to town and it's going to change your life.

Midway between a cinematographic trailer and a modern commercial, the short film by Golem Images introduces the proposal by 5+1AA for the new Vélodrome Stadium in Marseille in an appealing way. Golem's work puts under the spotlight people and their perception of this new intervention of functional and urban reconfiguration as part of a strategic urban plan for the future of Marseille and its surrounding territory.

By means of a wise combination of animated renderings and live footage frames, the viewers are allowed to imagine the forthcoming scenarios and the social values involved by the presence of this modern stadium, that projects the community towards a pleasant future and at the same time is ready to host the 2016 European Football Championships. The Vélodrome is presented as both a potential meeting point for the inhabitants of the area, and the centre of an elaborate urban development scheme inside a large park running along the Huveaune river, connected to the sea through a sequence of outdoor activities and sports facilities.


Architect: 5+1AA, Carta associés Architectes, Populous
Mentioned project: Velodrome Marseille (2010)
Project location: Marseille, France
Production: Golem Images

France 2010
Duration: 4'42''