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Specific Atmosphere - itinerary#3

Miguel C. Tavares

An atmospheric itinerary across Portuguese architecture.

Each space has a specific atmosphere. In this film, the director Miguel Tavares presents an atmospheric itinerancy across Portuguese homes and public spaces. Tavares' film is accompanied by music composed by José Alberto Gomes specifically for each setting. As the film sequences through different locations, each piece of architecture reveals its peculiarities – while maintaining a larger story of tranquility and beauty. Through suspension and slow pacing, a portrait of contemporary Portuguese architecture is revealed.

The first scenes explore Capela Particular no Paço Episcopal de Lamego, a private chapel within the Bishop's Palace in Lamego that was designed by Manuel Botelho. The structure was previously an extravagant family residence which the diocese inherited. The chapel, designed with exquisite simplicity, was added on the main floor while the surrounding plastered walls remain decorated more traditionally. The next home, Casa Lagartixa, was designed by Paula Ribas, Nuno Valentim, and Gémeo Luís. The linear footprint of the home allows it to become integrated into the landscape spatially, as well as atmospherically with the local and abundant materials used in construction. The boundaries between interior and exterior space are in some cases blurred, but adjustable window shades give the users precise control of this relationship. The Ampliação Móveis Viriato, was designed by Nuno Brandão Costa as the second Viriato Building. Its design responds to and continues developing the expressions of the first Virato Building through extensive glass planes, metal sheeting, and an overall linear quality that contains the busy factory within. The film concludes with Recuperação da Casa da Granja, which was designed by José Bernardo Távora. The home has a rich history - it was built in the 17th century, then remodeled and abandoned several times which caused it to fall into a disrepair until recently. The result is a modern and comfortable home that is more environmentally conscious.

Specific Atmosphere is a film series featuring projects selected for the exhibition Habitar Portugal, produced by the Portuguese Architects Association. Each chapter is composed by a collection of short films assembled into a mid-length film. Specific Atmosphere #3 features buildings located in the Viseu's region.

(Story by Cara Welch, The Architecture Player)


Architects: Manuel Botelho; Paula Ribas, Gémeo Luís (designer) and Nuno Valentim, Nuno Brandão Costa; José Bernardo Távora
Mentioned projects: Private Chapel in the Lamego Bishop's Palace (2012), Lamego; Casa Lagartixa (2014), Ariz; Edifício Viriato II (2014), Paredes; Casa da Granja Renovation (2012), Amarante
Project location: Viseu, Portugal
Music: José Alberto Gomes
Curators: Luis Tavares Pereira, Bruno Baldaia, Magda Seifert
Copyright: Habitar Portugal 12-14, Ordem dos Arquitectos

Portugal 2016
Duration: 12'49''