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Specific Atmosphere - itinerary #1

Miguel C. Tavares

An atmospheric itinerary across Portuguese architecture.

Each space has a specific atmosphere. In this film, the director Miguel Tavares presents an atmospheric itinerancy across Portuguese homes and public spaces. Tavares' film is accompanied by music composed by José Alberto Gomes specifically for each setting. As the film sequences through different locations, each piece of architecture reveals its peculiarities – while maintaining a larger story of tranquility and beauty. Through suspension and slow pacing, a portrait of contemporary Portuguese architecture is revealed.

The "Casas de Campo" designed by André Eduardo Tavares stands in a rural village in Trebilhadouro, and is a respectful rehabilitation of an aged house to touristic functions. The second project, the Casa de Balazar designed by Nuno Merino Rocha, is also in the rural countryside and balances historical structure with newer additions. Next, the scenery shifts from countryside to city to explore the "Casa RV" designed by Marta Rocha and Fabien Vacelet. The building is in the Vila Nova de Gaia suburb and distinguishes itself with its volume and aesthetic. "Two Houses for S" designed by colectivoMEL is a renovation: in an old building from the XIX Century, ancient permanences from the past stand aside new details in the renovation project. The house in Praça de Liége designed by Luisa Penha in Porto, instead, declares its modernity at the first glance of the concrete façade. The houses in Pinheiro Manso in Porto, designed by Serôdio and Furtado Arquitectos shift the focus from private housing to residential units; volumes are distributed following the mark of a pre-existing garden. The school in Leça do Balio designed by aNC arquitectos brings the observer into a public space while the film blends live recordings with the music, revealing the activity throughout. The fireman headquarters designed by Alvaro Siza in Santo Tirso is given an overall portrayal before the camera focuses on the details and objects used by the firemen. The Graham's renovation project designed by Luis Loureiro + P06 shows a rehabilitated ancient production structure. The film ends by showing a redesigned public space by Paulo Tormenta PInto in the Bairro do Lagarteiro social housing complex in Porto.

Specific Atmosphere is a film series featuring projects selected for the exhibition Habitar Portugal, produced by the Portuguese Architects Association. Each chapter is composed by a collection of short films assembled into a mid-length film. The first ten videos featured in the Specific Atmosphere #1 feature buildings located in the Metropolitan Area of Porto.


Architects: André Tavares Arquitecto, Merino Rocha Arquitectos, Marta Rocha and Fabien Vacelet, colectivoMEL, Luisa Penha, Serôdio, Furtado Arquitectos, aNC arquitectos, Alvaro Siza, Luis Loureiro + P06 Design, Paulo Tormenta Pinto
Mentioned projects: Casas de Campo no Trebilhadouro (2009-2015), Vale de Cambra; Casa de Balazar, Póvoa de Varzim; Casa RV, Vila Nova de Gaia; Duas Casas para S. (2012-2014), Porto; Casas na Praça de Liége, Porto; Casas no Pinheiro Manso (2004-2012), Porto; Escola de Leça do Balio (2008-2013), Leça do Balio; Quartel dos Bombeiros Voluntários, Santo Tirso; Reabilitação das Caves GRAHAM's 1980, Vila Nova de Gaia; Reabilitação do Espaço Público, Bairro do Lagarteiro
Project location: Portugal
Music: José Alberto Gomes
Curators: Luis Tavares Pereira, Bruno Baldaia, Magda Seifert
Copyright: Habitar Portugal 12-14, Ordem dos Arquitectos

Portugal 2016
Duration: 31'17''