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Sistema Gomos

Building Pictures

Just three days to get your new house.

A two-minute long clip can be an effective tool to introduce a construction system conceived to simplify and accelerate the building process for single houses. "Sistema Gomos" is filmed by Building Pictures to show the "Gomos" modular system designed by SUMMARY / Samuel Conçalves.

The short film introduces the system by means of axonometric drawings at first. Then frames shift to reality, and stop-motion shots on the building site show the construction proper: here the editing of images and the soundtrack both stress how quick the process was. As the house is complete, a walk-through into the building shows spaces and details. One can now appreciate both the technical performance and the aesthetic results.

The Gomos system is flexible and may be adapted to various context or be expanded over time. The system is easy to be transported, assembled and put into use. Construction quality and energy efficiency have been carefully planned. Every single module is totally ready when leaving the factory, including all inner and outer finishings, water and electric installations, and fixed furniture pieces. The first unit of the system was built in Arouca (Portugal) and it was the result of the collaboration of twenty companies working in different manufacturing areas, from prefabrication systems to technology and industrial automation.


Architect: SUMMARY / Samuel Gonçalves
Mentioned project: Sistema Gomos (2015)
Engineering: GeoXL, Engineering & Innovative Solutions
Motion Graphics: João Pessegueiro
Music: YACHT - I'm In Love With A Ripper Instrumental

Portugal 2015
Duration: 2'35''