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Natalia Stürz

A picture of a picture.

In this short video by Natalia Stürz, the image becomes a means to an experimental inversion of the perception of places, reflecting on stereotypes. At first the video shows the still picture of a place of touristic importance (the old city center of Bern), daily noise as a backdrop to what we see. Then something happens to clarify the subverted viewpoint.

The paradox here is that a real place might become "a picture of a picture". Natalia Stürz explores in an unconventional way how places that are "worth seeing", mainly touristic locations, eventually convey a distorted image of themselves due to the thousands of postcards that depict them and the photographs taken by tourists which are all alike.


Germany 2004
Duration: 1'03''

First selected for VISIONS, the 2009 edition of BEYOND MEDIA Festival organized by Image.