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Red Bull Music Academy. Nave de la Música.

Langarita-Navarro arquitectos

Follow us, join the community and live the new spaces of the Matadero.

In the video "Red Bull Music Academy. Nave de Música" the camera silently, almost un-noticed, follows the everyday visitors and inhabitants inside the Nave de Música. An old warehouse, part of the "Matadero" - the former slaughterhouse in Madrid converted into a contemporary arts center - was trasformed into a space dedicated to audio creation and research. Langarita-Navarro were in charge of designing it.

Through blurred images and soft lights, video director Luis Guijarro reveals the interior space of this 20th century industrial building, now transformed into an open space. Its fragmented urban structure produces a series of unexpected stages, almost following "the logic of a Russian matryoshka doll", as the architects say. Langarita-Navarro preserves the open space frame of the existing structure, and conceives the interior space as a public outdoor space, according to varying degrees of intimacy thanks to the creation of multiple small squares and rooms. The project is based on a pavilion system that can house a series of artistic encounters for its international community of musicians, producers and DJs. It offers them the perfect environment for recording and archiving their works.

The experimental nature of the project is due to both the temporary and flexible nature of the structure - designed to be completely or partially reconfigured over time - and to its initial emergency circumstances. In 2011 the Red Bull Music Academy, a nomadic annual festival, had to change its location, given the devastating effects of the earthquake in Tokyo, and launched the programming for the new Nave de Música, with only five months to plan an infrastructure capable of meeting the precise technical and acoustic needs of the event.


Director: Luis Guijarro
Architect: Langarita-Navarro arquitectos
Mentioned project: Red Bull Music Academy (2011)
Project location: Madrid, Spain
Camera: Borja Álvarez, Iñaki Ochoa, Néstor Ruiz
Production: Juan Palencia, Paula García-Masedo
Music: Holbach

Spain 2013
Duration: 1'37''

Selected for PUBLIC SYMPHONIES (Rome; October 2014), a public talk and architectural video screening curated by Image for MAXXI.