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Punta Pite

Pablo Casals-Aguirre

A walk overlooking the Ocean.

The short film is a slow, delicate exploration of Teresa Moller's intervention in Punta Pite (Chile) and shows how architecture can disappear entirely into nature, becoming a perfect point of observation on the spectacular surrounding environment.

Pablo Casals Aguirre's short documentary wisely outlines the concept that is at the very basis of Moller's project, that is to say the deep, intimate connection existing between Chilean architecture and its landscape. With this design of a residential development in the headland between the two beach towns of Zapallar and Papudo, Estudio del Paisaje Teresa Moller & Asociados seeks to create an experience that embraces the character of the site and that respects and preserves the native flora and the preexisting rocks. The overall landscape intervention is aimed at creating a park that contains private homes and at the same time becomes a shared space, an occasion to rediscover the beautiful scenery where it is located. A park - as the architect says - "that is to be cared for by the people that live in it".

The camera lingers on the details of a slow exploration of the landscape that juts out into the Ocean, while showing in its silent and yet powerful beauty a designed system of 1.5 kilometers of quarried stone walkways that go along the cliff line and through the entire site from the beach to the headland park, where inhabitants and visitors can find the stone sculptures made by Gerardo Aritzía.

"Punta Pite" was produced by Puro Chile for the exhibition "White Mountain. Contemporary Chilean Architecture" (2012).


Architect: Estudio del Paisaje Teresa Moller & Asociados
Mentioned project: Punta Pite (2005)
Project location: Punta Pite, V Región, Chile
Production: Puro Chile
Music: Laurent Apffel, Matías Mahns

Chile 2012
Duration: 7'37''