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Zuzanna Weiss

A kinetic curtain animates a living façade in London.

The short movie "Propeller" by Zuzanna Weiss narrates the story of her collaborative project of "animated architecture", a large-scale kinetic curtain displayed on the north facade of the Royal College of Art campus in South Kensington (United Kingdom). The 52 meters long and 4 meters high installation interacts with natural elements through 665 coloured light pieces rotating and spinning as the wind blows, just like small propellers.

The short movie combines live-footage frames of the process of Weiss's project with photos and drawings and shows how the color palette was carefully developed from chromatic studies of the local area of Kensington. In the video the London-based animator and designer explores the multidisciplinary approach of the project, that is conceived to expand the scope of animation to the world of architecture and engineering, to reach different audiences and to involve a network of specialists in cross-pollinating discussions that can bring innovation across the fields.


Mentioned project: Propeller (2015)
Project location: South Kensington (United Kingdom)
Animator: Gemma Green-Hope
Designer and co-producer: Sabina Weiss
Co-producer: Mike Ladouceur
Composer: Mari Sainio

United Kingdom 2015
Duration: 5'52''