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Palafitos. Four architectural projects for the recovery of a neighborhood

Pablo Casals-Aguirre

A poetic journey through a new stilt landscape by the sea.

The short film "Palafitos" narrates the recovery and redevelopment of the neighborhood of Chiloé (Castro, Chile) through a poetic exploration of four architectures designed by Ortuzar and Gebauer Architects.

In these palafito projects - Patio Palafito (a cafe and boutique hotel), Palafito del Mar (a boutique hotel), Palafito Sur (a backpackers' hostel), Palacito (an aparthotel) - the Chilean architecture office aims to preserve and celebrate the traditional elements and materials of the local environment.

The short movie written, directed and filmed by Pablo Casals-Aguirre observes architecture both from the outside and from the intimacy of the interior spaces, the interactions between the daily life of the inhabitants and the experience of the occasional guests of the stilt hotels being at the core of his film. With its neat colors that recall the sharpness of pure black-and-white images, a precise and contrastated photography emphasizes the collage composition of different shapes and textures of the new stilt landscape facing the seaside.


Architect: Ortuzar & Gebauer Architects
Mentioned projects: Patio Palafito, Palafito del Mar, Palafito Sur, Palacito
Project location: Chiloé, Chile
Editing: Eduardo Gana Otarola
Music: Rodrigo Mardones

Chile 2014
Duration: 5'58''

Premiered within the "Time Space Existence" exhibition at Palazzo Bembo in Venice, as part of the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale. Selected for HAUNTED HOUSES (Rome; September 2014), a public talk and architectural video screening curated by Image for MAXXI.