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One day at the school

Building Pictures

Playing with colour: discovering a school in Barcelona

"One day at the school" by Building Pictures portrays the renovation and the construction of two buildings in Barcelona, part of the Maternelle du Lycée Français in Barcelona. Building Pictures was invited to join the routine of the school kids for a day.

Appointed architects for this project were b720 Fermín Vázquez, who had rehabilitated a building for the workers of the administration team and constructed a new one, characterized by the use of colorful metal panels; the new building currently hosts classrooms, a canteen, a gym and dormitories; if the video focuses mostly on the second one, it's because here is where the school life takes place.
Against a bright blue sky stand the white and the yellow metal panels, creating a dynamic and cheerful façade for the school and a perfect backdrop for the children to play. It's actually in the space between the two buildings that the kids run, play the slide and the hide and seek game, in a safe and controlled space.

Then, the viewer is invited to come inside the building for attending classes: a similar palette of colours has been used for the interiors: yellows, blues and whites creates a warm and relaxed atmosphere for the children, from the gym to the canteen, where we see them having their lunch.

"One day at the school" is a simple video able to fully show a new and interesting building, using colours, sound and framing to convey the vibe of the space.
As Building Pictures suggests, "the film highlights the way that kids own the space for their continuous movement and relaxed mood towards the camera, not even concerned by it" and this is why it mixes fixed shoots and timelapses: we see them moving in the space at their own pace, following their routine.

(Story by Sara Marzullo, The Architecture Player)


Architect: b720 Fermín Vázquez
Mentioned project: Lycée Français (2017)
Project location: Barcelona, Spain
Music: Boortex - It all begins here

Portugal 2017
Duration: 2'06"