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Nido. 22 @ District


The designed building is the scenery of a funny comic story.

A comic book style animation presents Uniform's digital tour through the "Nido" student accommodation project, designed in Barcelona by TP Bennett architects.

The building is the scenery of a story - illustrated by the comic Artist Jamie McKelvie - about the typical day of an hypothetical student, in order to recreate the fun and modern atmosphere of a students' place, as well as to involve a young and international audience.

"Nido. 22 @ District" perfectly expresses the image of the architecture envisioned by TP Bennett, which was conceived to become "a contemporary expression of the modern spirit of Barcelona".

Nido, also the Spanish word for "nest", was planned to provide accommodation for 900 students in Barcelona, as part of an international student community there, and is located in an area that was being regenerated as an innovation district.


Architect: TP Bennett
Mentioned project: 22@DISTRICT
Project location: Barcelona, Spain

United Kingdom 2008
Duration: 2'27''

Selected for VISIONS, the 2009 edition of BEYOND MEDIA Festival organized by Image.