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Möbius House


An early digital model, animated and integrated into a diagram that acts as a metaphoric project.

In the video "Möbius House", the project by UNStudio is explored through the visualization of the diagram on which the entire design is based. The video - produced by UNStudio as the house was completed in 1998 - presents the integration of an animated early digital model and a diagram during the planning process of the private house, which has itself become an icon.

The program and formal structure of the house - located in Het Gooi (the Netherlands) - is shaped by the double-locked torus of the möbius loop. The video shows how the intertwining trajectory of the loop relates to the 24-hour living and working cycle of a typical family life. UNStudio uses the diagram as a means to get back to an exploration of the architectural space in relation to its use and design program, as well as to "liberate architecture from interpretation and signification".

A walkthrough animation in the scale model, diagrammatic animations and overlapped photographs introduce the materialization of the building. The combination of different media within the video provide a virtual understanding of the three-dimensional space during the design phase. In the short film, released in a very peculiar moment for the exploration of digital media in architecture, UNStudio has a clear interest in video as both a versatile tool for communication and the better way to "experiencing a building on many different levels from a distance".


Architect: UNStudio
Mentioned project: Möbius House (1993-1997)
Project location: Het Gooi, The Netherlands
Animation: Igor Kebel

The Netherlands 1998
Duration: 6'00''