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Building Pictures

A new image for an old urban scenario.

Building Pictures offers a quick and accurate overview on the Metamorfose installation, a site specific structure designed by Fahr 021.3 in the city center of Porto.

The Municipality of Porto recently promoted the Locomotiva project, a cultural program aimed to revitalize some places in the city by means of temporary art installations. Metamorfose was conceived as a way to enhance the perception of an ancient building, in ruins, known as the "ruina", in the Avenida da Ponte.

Fahr 021.3, who mainly works between the disciplines of art and architecture, designed a new facade for the building. A new plot, like an irregular tangle net that seems moulded by a metamorphic action, is placed in front of the old structure without fully covering it and outlines a new image for that urban façade.


Architect: Fahr 021.3
Mentioned project: Metamorfose (2014)
Project location: Porto, Portugal
Production, photo direction and post-production: Building Pictures
Music: Ergo Phizmiz, "Orpheus Tickled"

Portugal 2015
Duration: 1'20''