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Lettres - Letters

Antti T Seppänen

Giant Letters travelling across continents.

This is a story of a journey of some particular travelers. Migrating across multiple continents are the letters planned for the façade of the Cogeco Amphitheatre in Trois-Rivières in Quebec, Canada, designed by Paul Laurendeau. The short film by Antti Seppänen presents the production of those components, from their fabrication to their installation.

The letters' initial production takes place in a factory located in Austria, Europe. A mechanized work process laminates small wooden planks into huge slabs before being cut by CNC machines into legible shapes. They then travel from Austria to Germany, then to a production facility in Canada where they receive a painted finish. Their journey concludes as they are set in their proper place on the waterfront façade of the building, enriching it with an effective visual communication.

(Story by Alex Petruso, The Architecture Player)


Mentioned project: Amphithéâtre (2010-2015)
Project location: Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada
Camera: Aris Media, Raphaël Thibodeau, Station 11, Perrin Vidéo, Adrien Williams

Finlnand 2017
Duration: 7'07''