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La Geria Vinyard

Factory Fifteen

A high-tech vineyard in the stunning landscape of Lanzarote.

In "La Geria Vineyard", Factory Fifteen worked in the digital visualization environment with the aim to let imagination and creativity push disciplines beyond state of arts, and conceived a story about a high-tech and futuristic vineyard placed in a stunning landscape.

The location is the very peculiar place of Lanzarote. Here, in the Canary Island, the black volcanic region has been moulded by man's hands in a series of craters hosting grapevines. The scene is set on Earth but it looks as if it was an extraterrestrial land. In this surreal landscape, almost abandoned, drones are the only moving things. Their flight and automation stress the distance between nature and artifice, between the ancient man's work on earth and the new drone process in the air. Nonetheless the two techniques coexist. The grape collecting drones, sort of robotic mosquitos in their appearance, perch over the plant craters. They search for and vacuum the grapes into their containers, and then move to the vineyard where the production continues.

Despite the virtual realm, the architectural design is tangible. The vineyard was conceived to host the wine grape production facilities and to accommodate some leisure activities. The building includes wine storage and tasting area, a world class spa with interior and exterior pools, massage parlours, steam rooms, saunas, interior and exterior restaurant, bar and a gallery space for local artists. Six luxury apartments are included as well. The building is cut into the volcanic rock and extrudes out of it. This project exists only in video: no drawings, plans or sections document its features and only massing sketches for the study of volumes were released.

The film takes the observer on a short journey from the drone harvesting fields all the way into the building's interiors. The filmmakers created an image flow from the outside to the inside with dramatic transitions and following a cinematographic approach. "La Geria Vineyard" was conceived and released to participate in the Ronen Bekerman Unreal Challenge 2015 and was fully realized using Unreal Engine 4, a render software released by Epic Games. Each detail was deeply studied and balanced, and the filmmakers recapped some production' steps in their website. Standing within the competition assignment, Factory Fifteen merged technical skill with powerful imagery, and explored new potential for architecture visualization and for interactive storytelling, which is exactly what the group has been testing since its early productions.


Mentioned project: La Geria Vinyard (2015)
Project location: Lanzarote, Canary Island
Production: Factory Fifteen
Custom music score: Angus MacRae

United Kingdom 2015
Duration: 1'18''