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Halle Pajol par Jourda Architectes


A dance performance in the midst of a renovation allows for an unusual exploration through the construction site.

This short stop-motion animation by 11h45, for Jourda Architectes, takes a whimsical look, from a unique perspective, at the work in progress of renovating "la Halle Pajol" in Paris, France.

Stepping away from the tried-and-true institutional standard of the time-lapse animation, which focuses on how spaces change over time, this stop-motion animation turns instead to human movement in the tectonic spaces, and how one experiences architecture during the course of its creation.

Accompanied by a funny little song, the human subject of the video moves like a dancer through, what Goethe called, "frozen music", while flashing frames take us through spaces where we see the new architecture in different stages of completion, as workers, human and machine alike, continue on in the background: an overlay of past, present and future.


Architect: Jourda Architectes
Mentioned project: Renovation of the Halle Pajol (2007-2013)
Project location: Paris, France
Dancer: Céline Larrere

France 2012
Duration: 40''