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Diller Scofidio + Renfro

Are you sure what you are looking at is real?

A wide screen slowly slides on the façade of the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco suspended by a travelling armature superimposed on the building's curtain wall. This is the main device for "Fac-Simile", a site specific installation conceived by Diller + Scofidio to create interaction between interior and exterior of the building.

While the screen moves, live footage from the interior of the building in projected outside. The camera is placed right on the back side of the screen so images of the interior flow at the same speed of the screen itself. The screen appears as a big lens scanning inside so the generic glass box building gets its own peculiarity revealed by the uniqueness of the actions happening inside.

But at a certain point a trick is conceived. Real images from the interior are randomly substituted with fictional and pre-recordered live footage showing daily activities in a fictional place - a hotel, an office and similar. An interest for situationism, both real and fictional, is revealed by images flowing on this vision machine.

In this short live-footage recorded by a fixed camera and going quite forward, "Fac-Simile" is shown on its interior.


Architect: Diller Scofidio + Renfro
Mentioned project: Facsimile
Project location: San Francisco, California, USA

USA 2004
Duration: 44''