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El Espinar House

Imagen Subliminal

Happy ending for a surprising architectural story.

The fairytale movie by Imagen Subliminal involves the audience in a playful process of discovering the architectural spaces designed by Miguel De Guzmán through a collection of images from universally known children's tales.

De Guzmán - who is also the director of this short movie - presents his own project of the "Espinar House" (Segovia, Spain) as the classical "little house in the woods". The privileged location of the two storey building surrounded by pines trees in Spain's Sierra de Madrid mountain - on the edge of a small town bordering the Natural Park Panera - was both the starting point of the project and the inspiring idea of the movie.

The Spanish architect’s cultural and professional background as a photographer influenced the framing and the plot of this surreal three-minute movie. The choice to use short stories to communicate the architecture transforms the residence into a "domestic theatre", where interactions and inhabitants' activities are explored in their everyday intimacy. As Little Red Riding Hood, the Three Bears and The Big Bad Wolf come out from the woods and get close to the house, the video shows the translucent and plastic exterior walls. Steel wires criss-cross over the facade, and finally the chunky chipboard interiors and the rooftop lawn.


Production: Imagen Subliminal
Architect: Miguel de Guzmán
Mentioned project: El Espinar House (2013)
Project location: El Espinar, Segovia, Spain
Assistant: Rocío Romero
Music: Johnny Ripper, "Cat Soup"
Costumes Design: VP crochet y Las Mamás Hacendosas
Interpretation: Rocío Romero, Carlos Cañete, Ben Busche

Spain 2013
Duration: 3'11''

Selected for HAUNTED HOUSES (Rome; September 2014), a public talk and architectural video screening curated by Image for MAXXI.