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Σ days

MindMachineMakingMyths (François Roche Camille Lacadee)

A paranoid delirium that keeps you trapped.

"Σ days" is a story "about the compulsion that moves the body towards animality". Two protagonists stand on the scene and talk, they are a Diogenean human and a wild rat, caught somewhere in between.

The man lives in loneliness and isolation. The rat is the only one to communicate with him and symbolizes the condition of animality that lurks and emerges in solitude. The contact between the two triggers the identification of man in the animal.

As a result of the paranoid delirium of identification keeping them together and trapped, the shelter they live in is a segregated and impenetrable place. The sharp shell is composed of 500 sheets of aluminum laser cut, with 5 different sizes, prototyped in three weeks.

As well as through the key of the metaphorical relationship between man and animal, the story can be also commented with an ecological perspective, as a mutualistic relationship between species; feeding each other they negotiate their coexistence, which is a theme the authors explore also in other works of theirs.

The prop and short film were realized with the support of RMIT University of Melbourne, with Gwyllim Jahn and a groupo of students (see credits at the end of the film) as part of the Master of Architecture Design Studio as part of the In-Side travelling design studio program.


Production: New-Territories (François Roche & Camille Lacadée), RMIT University, Gwyllim Jahn
Actor: Natalie
Scenario: Agatha Partyka, Lynda Nguyen, Mark Kowalyov
Editing: Agatha Partyka, Lynda Nguyen
On-set Direction: Mark Kowalyov
Cinematography: Grant Trewella
Sound Design: Agatha Partyka
Sound Production: Daniel Balacich
Morphology Design: Jack Mansfield-Hung, Victor Wong
Morphology Construction: Zaid Audi B Mohd Khorie, Victor Wong, Jack Mansfield- Hung
Rat Cage Design: Christopher Ferris, Victor Wong
Translator and Local Liason: Khunakorn Terdkiatkhachorn
Fabrication: Zaid Audi B Mohd Khorie, Khunakorn Terdkiatkhachorn, Jack Mansfield- Hung
Fabrication Assistants: Victor Wong, Christopher Ferris, Mark Kowalyov, Daniel Balacich, Grant Trewella, Agatha Partyka, Lynda Nguyen
Lighting: Victor Wong, Zaid Audi B Mohd Khorie
Costume and Make Up: Lynda Nguyen
Props: Jack Mansfield- Hung, Lynda Nguyen
Supporting Cast: Christopher Ferris, Jack Mansfield-Hung, Lynda Nguyen, Zaid Audi B Mohd Khorie, Khunakorn Terdkiatkhachorn

Thailandia 2014
Duration: 4'52''