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Collage House

Tapio Snellman

Meandering in a domestic space and searching for traces of the past and present.

In the urban tissue, an almost commonplace narrow street frontage can hide an unexpected space that unveils itself just beyond the entrance. This is the case of the Collage House, designed by Jonathan Tuckey and filmed by Tapio Snellman in this short video which conveys sensibility in its portrayal of the atmosphere enlivening the domestic space.

The nickname of this house is not fortuitous; many traces overlap here. The strongest one is the identity of the building itself, which dates back to the 19th century and was a former steel fabricator's workshop. The architects based their design for this house on its history, attempting to "domesticate" the space when transforming it from a production to a living area.

The Collage House is marked by introversion: a surprising variety of spaces are arranged around the courtyard garden which was created by demolishing one of the original buildings on the site. At the same time, the house is connected to its context: a frame in the perimeter wall provides a glance of the nearby park and from the roof the view expands to the environs.

The short film transmits the general ambience of the domestic environment and at the same time the camera lingers on the precise details designed to make the place comfortable and habitable. Tapio Snellman's work condenses many features of the house in its slow and accurate narration, exploring the building's relationship with its occupants and the surrounding urban area.

(Story by Paola Ricco, The Architecture Player)


Architect: Jonathan Tuckey Design
Mentioned project: Collage House (2002)
Project location: London, United Kingdom

United Kingdom 2016
Duration: 4'04''