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Co.Working Candal_CREA

Building Pictures

A space waiting for new things to happen.

In this short film Building Pictures offers a walk through the new co-working space designed by Crea Architects in Vila Nova de Gaia. The place is waiting for new things to happen, just like the voiceover suggests in the very first scene.

The current layout of the building results from two interventions. It used to be a warehouse. Then in 2014 it was renovated and turned into a co-working space. The architects' intervention focused on the design of a shared central space, the offices being located all around this open, double-height core.

The adjacent building became available soon thereafter and the co-working space was enlarged. In restoring the additional part, Crea maintained the same design approach in terms of relations between private and shared spaces. The result is an L-shaped configuration having in the centre a common space, where a series of colored timber planks mark a slightly reserved area, in continuity with the rest of the environment. A small more intimate room is placed here, to provide the users with a quiet and reserved chamber, if need be.

The building now looks untouched and perfect. The camera shows its continuous space, flooded with natural light. Clarity and abstraction will be soon contaminated with the presence of people. The place will be enriched when activities start to occur. The short film starts with a carousel of images, then it relies on camera movements and ends with a succession of still images: static and moving representations are fused and reciprocally enriched to let viewers comprehend the space and imagine its near future.

(Story by Paola Ricco, The Architecture Player)


Architect: Crea
Mentioned project: Co.Working: Candal Park 2 (2014-2017)
Project location: Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
Post-production: Building Pictures
Music: Bruno Ferreira

Portugal 2017
Duration: 1'34''