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Cervantes Theatre

Building Pictures

A metal canopy to signal the Cervantes Theater.

The Cervantes Theater designed by Ensamble studio is a buried building signaled by means of a large metal structure as a lure for citizens’ attention. The short film by Building Pictures combines photos and time lapses taken from different points of view following the construction process from its early phases until the completion.

The metal structure lifted from the ground is the only visible element of the mostly underground building, and Ensamble studio called it "Dovela" (meaning Keystone) considering it as "as a stone of air, supported by the space that comes from a sequence of excavated terraces" and "as a mathematical object which allows the natural elements (water, light and air) to affect its last configuration". The structure stands in fact in the air with a strong evidence, and due to its material and form it challenges gravity and offers changing perceptions.

As the building is completed, the short film shows it in its context. The Dovela, with its massive presence, stands in the urban fabric and counterpoints the nearby Soumaya Museum by Fernando Romero shaping, together with the latter, a new part of Mexico City.


Architect: Ensamble Studio
Mentioned project: Telcel Theater
Project location: Mexico City, Mexico
Music: Morgantj, Café Connection

Portugal 2016
Duration: 3'54''