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Casa en Santa Mónica

Federico Cairoli

A quiet living place near a river.

The short film by Federico Cairoli is a tour of the House in Santa Monica, designed by FKB Arquitectos. The building is located in Cordoba, into the Valle de Calamuchita. The Río Santa Rosa flows in the valley and its sound is a constant presence in the soundtrack of video. Landscape there is peculiar, almost wild and well preserved.

The house stands here, facing the river, and is composed by two volumes. The lower one is widely open to greenery - the metal structure is tiny, and the huge glass windows let the interior have direct visual contact with the surroundings. The upper volume is a concrete, irregular, slightly sloping box, and has only few windows. The plan has a linear shape - the living area stands near the water while the two bedrooms are grouped one after another, barely penetrating into the ground. The roof is a green platform overlooking the panorama.


Architect: FKB Arquitectos
Mentioned project: Casa en Santa Mónica
Project location: Santa Mónica, Valle de Calamuchita, Córdoba, Argentina

Argentina 2016
Duration: 4'39''