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Casa AA

Federico Cairoli

Architecture as a device to experience nature.

Filmmaker Federico Cairoli brings us into the silent world of Casa AA in Buenos Aires, designed by IR arquitectura with an approach deeply oriented towards sustainability. The short film discloses a lifestyle dominated by the relation with nature.

The building stands in dialogue with its surroundings. Wood and glass walls allow a visual depth to the near trees. The load-bearing box is made up of wooden racks assembled in a workshop and is completed by mud walls. Thanks to the view taken from the top of the green roof, the film reveals the formal layout of the plan: a sequence of 4 variations in section formed by one or two inclined planes. The program, where each section is extruded in varying depths, is divided into two distinct areas, different for adults and children. In the middle, the greenhouse made of transparent corrugated polycarbonate is a common area and private garden.


Architect: IR arquitectura
Mentioned project: Casa AA (2014-2015)
Project location: Tortuguitas, Argentina

Argentina 2015
Duration: 3'11''