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Calera del Rey House

Federico Cairoli

Get lost and find yourself in a solitary land.

The rough and yet intimate relationship between man and landscape is delicately narrated in Federico Caroli’s short film on the house designed by Guano and Guano Arquitectos in Maldonado (Uruguay).

Placed on top of a peaceful hill, the building is depicted as a solitary oasis in the middle of perfectly detached and spectacular mountains and distant horizons. Beyond the powerful sense of solitude that emerges from the close confrontation with the desert surroundings, the short film digs deep down into the everyday intimacy as well as into the pragmatic and slow dimension of the countryside life.

Cairoli's narration outlines how the house was conceived and constructed by the Uruguayan studio in order to blend in the surrounding location, through a characteristic dome-shaped cover placed on large stone walls, a covered courtyard and a completely open pool that seems to seek a constant dialogue with the landscape.


Architect: Gualano + Gualano Arquitectos
Mentioned project: Calera del Rey House (2013-2014)
Project location: Maldonado, Uruguay

Uruguay 2015
Duration: 3'20''