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Cabo de Vila House by Spaceworkers

Building Pictures, spaceworkers

Curiosity, suspense and discover for a video tour through a peculiar house.

How to explore and represent, through moving images, a continuous space that has some notable features to be revealed? For this short film introducing the Cabo de Vila House designed by Spaceworkers, Building Pictures searched and found a reference in the classical scene by Stanley Kubrick filming the child riding a tricycle in "Shining", and then adapted it to its specific needs: characters and actions are similar, but the overall atmosphere is quite different, the sense of madness shifting towards curiosity, suspense and discover.

The building was designed for a young couple that wanted an unusual house. In fact, the house does not look like anyone in the neighbourhood, its aspect strongly characterized by the two warped concrete slabs. Between the two irregular planes, a continuous uneven surface made of wood or glass constitutes the perimeter of the house. The extensive glazing enhances at best the visual connection from the interiors to the surrounding landscape. The plan is quite unique in its organic geometry: the courtyard stands at the very core of the building and is surrounded by a continuous and seamless distribution path. While bedrooms are separated, the living area is a wide open space where the eye is free to wonder.

Shooting a film to document such a peculiar house led the video authors to chose a red dressed child riding a tricycle as the chaperone for the tour. Quite an appropriate and effective choice! The observer follows the child, observing space from her very same perspective, perceiving new details at every re-play of the video. The tour starts in the garage, where the tricycle is parked, and then proceeds to the living area which features a hanging wood-burning stove. Here the child stops and enters the living room to observe the views towards the surrounding landscape. She gets back on her bike and cycles her way into the kitchen and dining room, as well as through the white curtain wall that separates the more private areas. She goes outside and pedals along the glass facade. And then…


Mentioned project: Cabo de Vila House (2010—2015)
Project location: Bitarães, Paredes, Portugal
Direction: Sara Nunes
Camera: Sara Nunes, Pedro Sadio
Photo Direction: Building Pictures
Post-production: Building Pictures
Audio and soundtrack: Echooo Productions, Zumbido Studio
Girl: Madalena Vieira

Portugal 2016
Duration: 3'24''