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Imagen Subliminal

A cardbord installation for discovering a social housing program in Madrid by Olalquiaga Arquitectos.

A dream of transportable domestic intimacy and colored cardboard boxes is gently narrated in this video by Imagen Subliminal. An installation/performance represents a cheerful imaginary relocation and introduces Olalquiaga Arquitectos' design for a social housing development in Vallecas (Madrid, Spain).

Miguel De Guzmán shows the audience around the block and finally takes us inside one of the 163 one-bedroom apartments of this bright "eco-boulevard", which is the main urban planning development in Madrid as of 2015. This video outlines the main themes in this homogenous pattern of open and fractured square blocks, such as the choice of maintaining a big amount of open spaces to allow for more natural light and a great number of trees.

The architects' sustainable approach is also well represented by the choice of a cheap, reusable and versatile material such as cardboard for the installation, that was the result of the collaboration between Lavadora creativa, Olalquiaga Arquitectos and Imagen Subliminal.


Architect: Olalquiaga Arquitectos
Mentioned project: Edificio de Viviendas con Protección Pública (2009)
Project location: Madrid, Spain
Team: Miguel de Guzmán, Rocío Romero
Production: Imagen Subliminal
Music: Juanitos, "En Croisiere"

Spain 2013
Duration: 2'37''