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Atelier Álvarez Nuovo

Federico Cairoli

A quiet and peaceful space to live and work.

In this short film, Federico Cairoli introduces the Atelier Álvarez Nuovo designed by bfa architects highlighting the balance between architecture and nature, between a new building and an existing one, between living and working spaces.

The existing house, designed by Javier Corvalán + Laboratorio de Arquitectura, stands on a long and narrow plot of land. Rooms and services are mainly aligned on one side of the area, while the living room is entirely covering its width and is the core of the previous project together with the facing garden. Life, here, is in close contact with nature. The garden is the connecting element between the house and the new atelier which is also extended along the edge of the land, like part of the house.

b|f|a architects realized a quiet and peaceful place to work. The space is cozy and shielded. Light comes from the skylight, and no windows open up towards the garden so as to maintain people focused on their work and to obtain the most suitable lighting conditions for painting. Connections with the existing building and the garden are anyway present, by means of two wide openings placed at the far ends of the new atelier. While the house has a concrete structure, the studio is standard and economic, built with a structural system of steel tubes and covered by a double skin of metal sheets and wood.


Architect: b|f|a (Nicolás Berger, Giacomo Favilli arquitectos)
Mentioned project: Atelier Álvarez/Nuovo (2012)
Project location: Asunción, Paraguay

Paraguay 2015
Duration: 3'23''