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Architectural Nonsense

Rebekah Bukhbinder

A transfiguration of Paris.

"Architectural Nonsense" proposes a transfiguration of iconic historical Paris. The city seems to have lost its unique character and looks like any other metropolis, its aspect being characterized by a continuous glass wall. Upon close inspection, instead, the Old Paris is still recognizable behind the electric glare and reveals a confusing reality of blurring paradigms.

This vision of the French capital moves from a reflection about the globalization of our contemporary society and the conflict between privacy and publicity. "Infected by the paranoia of its inhabitants - as the author says - Paris now exists behind a digital front showcasing fabricated streetscapes shielding the true architectural character of the city".

Following design inputs fostered by Hernan Diaz Alonso within his studio at SCI-Arc, the project also deals with the two opposite issues of optimistic and progressive as well as the menacing and dystopian, and investigates how these categories affect transparency and glossiness in the current generation of metamorphic formalism of architecture.


Mentioned project: Achitectural Nonsense (2015)
Project location: Paris, France

USA 2015
Duration: 2'51''