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Rafał Barnaś

The house of paper: unfolding a project.

In a presentation essay, Rafał Barnaś, owner of Unique Vision Studio, a company specialized in audiovisual arts, architectural visualization, animation, and film, spoke about "the end of the era of photorealism approaches". Only creator of the short animated film "Archipaper" - for which he was also the composers of the music score -, for this project Rafał Barnaś wanted to challenge the conventional representation of architectures.
The idea for the film came as he was working with his brother, Bogusław Barnaś, architect and founder of BXB Studio, shooting the "Polish Farm" project. "During the shoot, I had physical models of his designs to work with, including the model of the Polish Farm, a unique house that is currently under construction. I thought: what if I could try to transform the model of the design into a paper world that would teem with life?"

To Rafał Barnaś we are on the cusp of a revolution in the visual arts industry: "Photorealism is already attainable, and it will also become easy to implement and cheap very soon. When that moment comes, and it is sure to come sooner than we think it will, a sharp turn in the search for new means of expression in telling stories using images and sound will take place". This is also true for the architectural field: what's more, the multiplicity of tools allows video-makers and architects to find new ways to tell (and story-tell) their creations, engaging not only with the viewers but also with themselves. Seeing differently does not only apply to the medium (using CGI in place of film), but also to the matter itself (finding new points of view): new pathways can be opened, new streams of creativity, new answers to never posed before questions.

"This challenge appeared fascinating to me as I am an enthusiast of searching for and experimenting with stylistic means and measures. I am attracted to combining traditional media with 3d graphics: stop-motion animation, cartoons, 2d+ methods, reflex cameras, and 3d graphics," said Rafał Barnaś, describing the set of tools he could browse through.

Starting with a real model, Rafał Barnaś transformed it into an image that teems with life, creating a leisurely-paced, surrealist story immersed in an abstract world, built solely out of paper elements.
"After lighting and photographing the model, I transformed it into an image that teems with life, creating a slow-paced, animated story immersed in an abstract world built solely out of paper elements. Operating with atypical means of expression, building a stylistically and compositionally coherent image, was quite a challenge," added Rafał Barnaś.


Mentioned project: Polish Farm by BXB Studio (2013) (based on)
Music: original soundtrack by Rafał Barnaś

Poland 2019
Duration: 00'47"