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Apto Vila Mariana

Pedro Mascaro, Pedro Vannucchi

Bringing the outdoor inside.

The Architecture Player readers would remember Pedro Mascaro for the short film "Vargem Grande Farm", on Roberto Burle Marx’s Fazenda Vargem Grande, a 1837 colonial-style farm located in the middle of the mountains in a region called Serra da Bocaina, a preserved forest between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Now we teamed up with architectural photographer and filmmaker Pedro Vannucchi to produce "Apto Vila Mariana", the first partnership between the two, on a residential architectural project signed by David Ito Arquitetura.

"Apto Vila Mariana" is what we would call a straight forward description of an interior and architectural project, focusing on the qualities of such design. The music, the fluid movement of the camera, and the polished qualities of the images bring out the best of the residential unit, whose main characteristic is indeed the freedom and fluidity of space and movements.

As the project description states: "The architectural project signed by David Ito Arquitetura integrates the balconies with their inside areas and creates bigger, more pleasant spaces. In the master suite, the bathroom is now adjoined, separated only by a single glass wall. The joined balconies, high ceiling, and view to Ibirapuera park in the living room and gourmet room provide a grand space."
The video lingers on how the outdoor greenery was brought in, by placing there a few small trees, medium-size plants and a garden wall (maybe the best feature of the house).

The use of solid colors, along with natural materials, such as untreated wood, makes this a luscious interior project, flooded by light and decorated with a careful selection of furniture, which can be seen in the video. "The minimal concept shows itself in the wood-slat hall wall, a single volume that contemplates multiple functions, and also shows itself in the dining table and the fireplace. From simple, pure lines, the huge ebonized dining table ties together in a single unit all the functions of a sideboard, a barbecue support surface, and a beer and wine cellar."

When interviewed about their work as video makers in the architectural world, Pedro Mascaro and Pedro Vannucchi said that the video format is the ideal media to transmit this concept of integration, which is the basis of this project. "Through the video format it is possible to show off the new and pleasant spaces generated by the joining of different areas, the connection between interior and exterior, and the minimalist furniture with different functions. The movement and the narrative of the video format provided essential tools to show this integration of spaces through its images," they commented.
"Photographers use short movements and rigorous framing when seeking architectural photography aesthetic. To obtain this result, a slider on a tripod and eventually a handheld gimbal stabilizer were usually used."

They made two different versions of this video, a longer one that includes an interview with David Ito talking about the concept and his work, and another that only shows the spaces. Both of them were commissioned and approved by the architectural office, which provided the required information to do the video project as well as feedback during the shooting and editing process.


Architect: David Ito Arquitetura
Mentioned project: Apartamento CDS (2018)
Project location: São Paulo, Brazil
Produced by: Pedro Mascaro and Pedro Vannucchi
Music: Lane king - Back and Forth

Brazil 2020
Duration: 1'33"