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Apartamento do Morro

Building Pictures

Cou-cou, where are thou?

As children, we felt that every place could be a place of discovery: we could invent adventures in the most surprising spaces - at the doctor’s, in the courtyard, in our little nests. Every room could be transformed in a pirate ship, in a castle, in a haunted attic. Imagine if you could be given an entire apartment full of drawers, doors, and hideouts: that would be magic!

This is the backstory to "Apartamento do Morro", a flat in Gaia, Portugal, designed by Hinterland, where Building Pictures' Sara Nunes shot her short-film. It is, in fact, a young girl that takes us to discover the different spaces of the house.

The apartment, small and cozy, was rehabilitated to maximize the living space of the house, by demolishing the interior and reorganizing the plant: this gave the '60s building a new vibe and helped the owners to get the best out of it.

After counting down to zero, the girl starts opening the drawers and the kitchen cabinets, looking for somebody and - of course - allowing us to see how much space was created thanks to the renovation. We see fancy lounge chairs - maybe some decor that belonged to a cinema -, a rocking chair, an old toy car, we see lots of air, light, and brightness that makes this space a perfect place for living… and hiding.


Director: Sara Nunes
Architect: Hinterland Architecture Studio
Mentioned project: Morro Apartment (2019)
Project location: Villa Nova de Gaia, Portugal
Camera: Sara Nunes
Music: Bruno Ferreira
Post-production: Sara Nunes; Maria Gonçalves
Sound Design: Ana Pedro

Graphics: Juarez Braga
Child: Magdalena

Portugal 2019
Duration: 2'15"