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Al Rayyan Stadium

Factory Fifteen

A contemporary tent in the desert of Qatar.

Factory Fifteen conceived this short marketing film to introduce the AlRayyan Stadium designed by Pattern as one of the sports districts to host the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

As the authors say, the film focuses on three themes and the viewer follows them in the unwrapping of three main scenes. The first one shows the relationship between the traditional Naquish patterns specific to Qatari culture and the geometrical design of the stadium façade which has been developed using cutting-edge parametric design. Gradually all the elements of the building converge to form it, which is a visualization technique often used in cgi animations. Then the scene moves to the sports celebration, the building is in use, and the atmosphere is a kind of tournament mode in all of its glory. At last the stadium is shown after the World Cup event, as a lasting monument.

While evoking all those suggestions, the film shows the design by Pattern. The office conceived the building having the desert as a reference, as requested by the client. This translates into a masterplan concept of a caravan or journey in the desert landscape configured using a circle packing geometry.


Architect: Pattern
Mentioned project: Al Rayyan Stadium (2013-2019)
Project location: Al Rayyan Quatar

United Kingdom 2015
Duration: 3'20''