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AFKS: Paaer house

Antti T Seppänen

Buildings change, once inhabited.

This short story is about relationships between how architects imagine the space and how it is then inhabited. Finnish filmmaker Antti T Seppänen follows Jari, Juha and Jaakko, principals at AFKS, as they come back to the Paaer house for the first time after its completion.

On the premises, they meet again Tarja and Klaus, their clients and owners. The two welcome the architects into their new house and show them how they are adapting the space to their needs and tastes, enjoying the good solutions designed by the architects. The living space, for example, is a very comfortable room due to its good lighting and view towards the surrounding natural landscape.


Architect: AFKS
Mentioned project: Paaer House (2011)
Project location: Lempäälä, Finland

Finland 2012
Duration: 4'23''