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A villa like a tent

The Piranesi Experience

A villa like a tent on the Egyptian coast.

This short film, almost entirely shot in CGI, introduces the Tent Villa, a private house designed by Gianluca Peluffo (5+1 AA) as part of the Il Monte Galala master plan.

Located on on the coast, the house embraces beautiful views towards sea. Two main elements define its design: the sloping slab as roof, and the boxes as living spaces underneath it. The ancient nomadic tent was a reference for the project, toghether with - as the authors say - "the sky lit mountains of Portofino in Italy and how architectural sophistication and natural simplicity blend together in perfect harmony".

The short film helps the observer get an idea of the building, its relationship with the surroundings, its interiors. The house is conceived as a functional and modern-inspired space, furnished with iconic pieces of design. It's a touch of modern end Eastern aesthetics on the Egyptian coast.


Metioned project: Tent Villa (2015)
Project location: El Sokhna, Egypt
Coordinator: Claudio Esposito
Developer: Tatweer Mirs
VFX Supervisor: Marco Tripodi
3D Team: Alessio Seminerio, Ginevra Bellegrandi, Carlo Occhipinti
Design Supervisor: Giulia Tubelli
Furniture Consultant: Daniela De Francesco
Soundtrack: Apparat

Italy 2016
Duration: 2'35''