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A Day in the Life of Sukima Atelier

Makiko Tsukada Architects

A live-work space revealed little by little.

In this short film, director Kashin Sakata shows Sukima Atelier and its particular space designed by Makiko Tsukada Architects, while filming a group of friends spending time together in the house.

The building was conceived as mixed used space, combining the living space with an art studio and a small gallery. The overall volume, defined by white walls, is the core of the project, clearly recognizable and mainly devoted to communal life. Within this main space, five boxes are designed to accommodate specific programs. As a result, the white perimeter walls are accented by dark stairs, platforms and boxes designed to host specific functions and to articulate the inner spaces. Despite the very limited available area, the architect successfully managed to design a macro space composed of micro spaces smoothly combined in a fluid interaction. The design adds a good dose of fun to daily life.


Mentioned project: Sukima Atelier (2015)
Project location: Nerima-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Director and cinematogtographer: Kashin Sakata
Editor: Yasumasa Kinoshita
Music: Manami Kakudo
Translation: Winifred Bird
Featuring: Kikyu Sakata, Emi Sekino, Eri Shimozono, Mimori Matsuo, Shiryu Satou, Anri Okada

Japan 2015
Duration: 2'32''