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100 Norfolk

Imagen Subliminal

One hundred reasons, one hundred stories.

One hundred reasons to be there: the headline advertising the opening of the new 100 Norfolk St building by ODA celebrates the uniqueness of its features, counting them one by one. 100 Norfolk is in a unique location (just 70 feet away from Delancey Street, in the Lower East Side of Manhattan): its proximity to the Bowery Hotel, the New Museum and many trendy clubs are mere examples of the added cool factors of this new architectural addition. Now, a video by Imagen Subliminal helps transform reasons into stories.

Growing diagonally, incrementing area every two floors, the 100 Norfolk is a building of a playful appearance, with unexpected and surprising structures, made of different volumes, which add a little twist to what would be a rather typical residential building model.
The unexpected structure is, in fact, at the center of the Imagen Subliminal's video, where the storyline includes a red box that has to be delivered. This trick is used to show the neighbourhood and its interior spaces: the box, held in the hand of an unknown man, guides us inside of 100 Norfolk St, crossing different stories, both in the sense of floors and of people living in the building, which accommodates 38 homes. The striking glass façade, dazzling the eye, creates reflections and makes the building looks precious like a chandelier; what's more, the interior shots reveal a beautiful view over the once vibrant and unpredictable and now gentrified Lower East Side.

Supported by a upbeat, playful music and using techniques such as stop-motion and fast-forwarded shots, "100 Norfolk" video by Imagen Subliminal represents an easy but intelligent way to show a building in all its features and, that's more, to make it even more desirable to its possible clients.

(Story by Sara Marzullo, The Architecture Player)


Architect: ODA
Mentioned project: 100 Norfolk (2018)
Project location: 100 Norfolk Street, Manhattan, NY, USA
Music: Milkshake Daddy
Diagrams: ODA
Drone pilot: Gilbert Santana

USA 2018
Duration: 1'02"