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#07 Casa SJA by REGAA Estudio


Permanence and Ephemerality.

Immersive environments do more than simply place us in the essence of space, they transcend local understandings and allude to a larger conception of reality through occasional glimpses of ephemerality. In the short film of Casa SJA, by Juan Benavides of Filmatica, the stoic permanence of the physical space is contrasted with the environmental changes that are experienced by its equally transient inhabitants. The initial framing of the coast sets the tone for an understanding of built space in contrast to natural space. The stoic form gives us the necessary point of reference to understand the ephemerality of nature and its nature of being constantly fleeting. Because of its imposition, constructed space can be interpreted as catalyst for fictions. The home becomes a stage of spectacle on which to unravel the movement of light against the various backdrops of the home as well as in the movement of the wind down particular corridors. The protagonists themselves are not fixed in a room or part of the house. They move about as the day fluidly continues its motions.

Casa SJA as designed by REGAA Estudio mediates the transient character through the articulation of circulation and thresholds between inside and outside. These visual connections become experiential as the user is given the opportunity to shape and manipulate their state. Doors disappear into pockets within walls, and the character of rooms drastically change with the removal of planes. These connections to ephemerality become the strongest points of this project as well as the focus of Benavides's framing.

This short film was directed by Juan Benavides of Filmatica and is part of a series of videos on 12 houses including projects in different cities around Mexico. Music for this video was composed by Gerardo Orozco. Casa SJA was designed by REGAA Estudio and is located in San Juan de Alima, Mexico 2014.


Architect: REGAA Estudio
Mentioned project: Casa SJA
Project location: San Juan de Alima, México
Music: Gerardo Orozco

Mexico 2015
Duration: 3'43''